• H-64 Wing Cord and ICS Adapter

    Hawk now has an Apache Wing Cord that all you Armament guys will want, unlike the current NSN this wing cord is well built and is 30 foot long. Made to specs in the IETM make sure you order this NSN to get the right wing cord. Hawk also makes the ICS Adapter for your convenience; you will find 2 of each in the Hawk FARP kit. NSN: 4920-01-617-2421 P/N: HET-6483IA-101 (H-64 ICS Adapter) NSN: 5995-01-613-1994 P/N: HET-6483WC-101 (H-64 Wing Cord)
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  • H-1 Blade Pin Removal Tool

    Using the U.S. Army approved drawing found in TM 55-1520-210-23-1, Hawk has taken the guess work and the hassle out of the Locally Fabricated Tool pitfall and developed a ready to use tool to ease the trouble of removing a blade pin. Unlike the old hammering out procedure, this tool painlessly removes the pin by attaching to the top of the pin threads and pulling the pin out by rotating the nut. This not only eliminates damaging of the pin and the aircraft, but also reduces operational down time and logistical acquisition process and cost. Specifications
    • Manufactured and tested to meet or exceed MIL standard for use on UH-1 family helicopter blade pins
    • Durable 6061 aluminum and heat treated 4340 steel alloy
    • Weight: 6.75 lbs.
    • Height: 14.25 in.
    • Diameter: 4.0 in.
    P/N: HET-105BPRT-101
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  • H-60M Blade Tiedown Installation Tool

    Main Rotor Blades hard to reach on the H-60M when trying to tie down your blades, not any longer. Call Hawk to get your Blade Tiedown Installation Tool and make installing your blade ropes a snap. Easy to use and it folds up to less than 13 inches long for easy storage. Made of light weight but rugged aluminum material. P/N: HET-6005BTIT-101
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  • H-60 Blade Pin Puller

    With the current fielding of the Main Rotor Solid Blade Pin on the H-60 fleet, the Solid Blade Pin Removal Tool is a "must have" in your tool room. Don't get caught grounded with a stuck pin because Hawk offers a simple way to remove it! Use this tool for a quick and easy extraction of stuck solid blade pins. Unlike your dead blow hammer, it minimizes the damage to other parts of the aircraft. No need to suffer the time lost in local fabrication, we've already got them ready for you. Our Solid Blade Pin Removal Tool is made to meet or exceed required specifications. Remember, always refer to TM 1-1520-237-23 for the proper use of the Solid Blade Pin Removal Tool. NSN: 4920-01-563-1433 P/N: HET-6005BPRT-101
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  • H-60 Accessory Rigging Kit

    H-60 Flight Control Rigging Accessory Kit was designed to be a GO-NO-GO gauging system for the flight controls on the Black Hawk. This kit is a must have for Black Hawk rigging operations. Its saves time and eliminates the guess work/error factor in the rigging process. pic01 P/N: HE2004RIG
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  • H-60 Rotor Brake Wrench

    No mechanic can be without the Rotor Brake Wrench when replacing the Rotor Brake Mounting Bracket per TM 1-1520-280-23. Rotor Brake Wrench must be used when installing nut SS5086-06 onto the transmission lower stud. NSN: 5120-01-245-7976 P/N: HET-6006RBW-101
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  • Aft Mounting Bolt Adapter

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  • M/L/G Lower Strut Torque Adapter

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