• H-60 A/L Blade Fold Kit Case

    When it’s time to go and you have to fold blades, do you have to search for all the parts to your blade fold kits, or do you have Hawk’s H-60 A/L Blade Fold Kit Case to store all your blade fold parts in? We can mod your blade poles so they break down into 3 pieces, then add a 24” extension and it all fits in the case with the rest of your blade fold kit. The easy to stack and store rugged Hardigg case has foam inserts with each piece identified in the kit. It also comes with an inventory sheet and load plan on the inside of the lid making your accountability and serviceability a snap. P/N: HEC-6005BFKC-101  
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  • ULLS-A(E) Laptop Storage Case

    Getting ready for deployment and looking for something to pack all thise ULLS-A(E) computers into? Look no further. Hawk has the answer! Call us for a computer hard case that protects your laptops along with an area to store all those cords and misc. items. We have various models to meet your needs. One can hold up to 15 laptops. The other can hold up to 10. Everything is in one location in a lockable container that protects your computers. P/N: HEC-1520ULLS
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  • H-60 Rigging Kit Case

    Are you tired of your rig pins falling out of your roll up canvas case? Tired of lost or damaged pins? Tired of struggling to maintain accountability of your pins after use? Would you like to take the hassle out of locating the right pin or block? Well, let Hawk come to the rescue! Introducing the Flight Control Rigging Kit Hard Case, designed to give you a safe, secure and hassle free place to relocate all of your rig pins from that old worn-out canvas bag. It even has a space to allow you to store your Hawk Flight Control Rigging Accessory Kit. This case has been designed to:
    • Allow you to store your existing rig pins
    • Make accountability a breeze
    • Protect your rig pins from the damaging effects of storage and transportation
    • Equipped with wheels for effortless transportation from storage to helicopter
    • Improves FOD control
    P/N: HEC-6011RK-101(A)
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  • H-60 Peculiar Tool Kit

    • HET-PTK-1: Stabilator position sensor limit switch lock pin
    • HET-PTK-2: Pitot-static test set (power cable assembly)
    • HET-PTK-3: Pitot-static test set (AFCS hose assembly)
    • HET-PTK-4: Pitot-static test set (Pitot-static/IFF hose asembly
    • HET-PTK-5: Blade de-ice test block
    • HET-PTK-6: Misc. switch panel test harness
    • HET-PTK-10: Flange puller
    • HTK-PTK-13: Blade de-ice test harness (AC & DC)
    • HTK-PTK-14: Protractor fixture
    • HTK-PTK-15: Seal installation tool kit
    • HTK-PTK-17: Spherical bearing remover/installer
    • HET-PTK-18: Stabilator bolt removal tool
    • HET-PTK-21: Flight control cable quick disconnect wrench
    • HET-PTK-23: Pivot bearing replacement wrench
    • HET-PTK-24: Oil pump installation tool
    • HET-PTK-25: Mounting bolt adapter (Z-Bar)
    • HET-PTK-26: 30/60/90 deg Wedge
    • HET-PTK-27: 5/85/90 deg Drag beam wedge
    • HET-PTK-28: Pitch control link tool
    • HET-PTK-29: Aft mounting bolt adapter (main transmission)
    • HET-PTK-30: Compression plate
    • HET-PTK-31: Locating tool
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  • H-60 A/L Blade Fold Kit Case

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  • H-47 Rigging Kit Case

    It’s time to quit fumbling through that old wooden, beat-up box only to find that the mixed up pins are broken, bent or missing. This rugged hard case has customized foam inserts with labels for every single rig pin. You can rest assured knowing that your pins have a safe place they can call home, on the other hand, you can inventory your rig pins just by looking at the foam.
    • Positive anti-shear locks, which prevent lid separation after impact, and reduces stress on the hardware.
    • Molded-in ribs and currugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added protection.
    • Patented mold-in metal inserts for catch and hinge attachment points, which provide strength and spread loads to the container walls
    • Inventory sheet in lid for quick inventory
    P/N: HEC-4711RKC-101 Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D): 62 x 27.62 x 36" Weight: 57.9 lb.
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  • H-60 Air Transportability Kit Case

    Need a place to store all your Air Transport Kit parts and pieces? Hawk has the answer, a lightweight, high-impact polyethylene hard case; you can throw away your old heavy metal box that strains your back, put your entire Air Transport Kit in our rugged hard case with forms, keeping everything in one nice neat package. It comes with an inventory sheet in the lid, that cuts your inventory time in half. P/N: HEC-6016ATKC-101 Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D): 48 x 35 x 26" Weight: 82 lb.
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  • FARP Kit

    All you Armament Dawgs out there, have you ever had to put together a FARP kit? I’m sure you’ve asked, “Well what should I put in it?” Hawk has taken care of that problem for you! You now have the HEK-1520FK-101 FARP Kit. It comes in a rugged case with custom cut foam that has a place for everything you need for your FARP. Hawk will provide the complete kit or just the empty case that you can fill with the needed unit tools and consumables. The complete kit comes with the following:
    • 10 mm wrench
    • 550 cord
    • Rocket push tool
    • Screw driver
    • Stakes
    • Static ground reel
    • Tension release tool
    • Quick release pins
    • Sledge hammer
    • Yellow/blue chemlights
    • ICS adapter
    • Zip ties
    • Wing cord
    • Wire brush
    • Red/green Chemlights
    • Contact cleaner
    • Ear plugs
    • Engineer tape
    • Eye protection
    • Gloves
    NSN: 1680-01-617-2419 P/N: HEK-1520FK-102 (with custom foam) NSN: 1680-01-617-3916 P/N: HEK-1520FK-101
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