The H-60 Peculiar Tools Kit has been design to accommodate varying special tooling needs in a centralized storage case providing efficient and effective inventory, pilferage protection, transportation, and FOD control. Custom designed foam allows for each item to have its respective location. Case is lockable to protect from pilferage of items while in transportation, storage, or on site.

  • HET-PTK-1: Stabilator position sensor limit switch lock pin
  • HET-PTK-2: Pitot-static test set (power cable assembly)
  • HET-PTK-3: Pitot-static test set (AFCS hose assembly)
  • HET-PTK-4: Pitot-static test set (Pitot-static/IFF hose asembly
  • HET-PTK-5: Blade de-ice test block
  • HET-PTK-6: Misc. switch panel test harness
  • HET-PTK-10: Flange puller
  • HTK-PTK-13: Blade de-ice test harness (AC & DC)
  • HTK-PTK-14: Protractor fixture
  • HTK-PTK-15: Seal installation tool kit
  • HTK-PTK-17: Spherical bearing remover/installer
  • HET-PTK-18: Stabilator bolt removal tool
  • HET-PTK-21: Flight control cable quick disconnect wrench
  • HET-PTK-23: Pivot bearing replacement wrench
  • HET-PTK-24: Oil pump installation tool
  • HET-PTK-25: Mounting bolt adapter (Z-Bar)
  • HET-PTK-26: 30/60/90 deg Wedge
  • HET-PTK-27: 5/85/90 deg Drag beam wedge
  • HET-PTK-28: Pitch control link tool
  • HET-PTK-29: Aft mounting bolt adapter (main transmission)
  • HET-PTK-30: Compression plate
  • HET-PTK-31: Locating tool

P/N: HET-6002PTK-101
P/N: HET-6002PTK-102 (Case and Foam only)
Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):

Available as a kit only.

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