Course Length: 1 Week

Course Size: Optimum 8/Maximum 10

This course provides a complete understanding of all adjustable and non-adjustable flight control components related to rigging of the main and tail rotor systems to qualified maintenance personnel. Topics include:

System description
Components and locations
In-depth rigging adjustment procedures


  • Introduction
  • Purpose and Requirements
  • Torque Compensation
  • Tail Pylon Aerodynamics
  • Gyroscopic Procession Compensation
  • 4-Channel Block Diagrams
  • Set-up and Preparation
  • Use of Rigging Kit and Prop Protractor
  • Review of necessary skills/procedures
  • Main Rotor Flight Control Rigging
  • Tail Rotor Flight Control Rigging
  • Main and Tail Rotor Rigging Stops
  • Cyclic Limiter Locations
  • Cyclic Stick and Stop Bolt clearances
  • In-depth complete rigging (Hands-on)

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