Course Length: 2 Weeks of 5 work days each

Course Size: Optimum 8/Maximum 10

Hawks Technical Inspector and Forms and Records Instructors have a combined total of 60 years of on aircraft quality control experience.

Hawk also has available a unique H-60 Black Hawk Technical Inspectors Course

Coming soon; a unique OH-58 Technical Inspectors Course

This course is intended for current and future AH-64 Technical inspectors, as well as
maintenance personnel desiring a detailed understanding of Aircraft Forms and Records. Topics

  • TI Duties and Responsibilities
  • Office Files and Maintaining Records
  • Safety/Safety Programs
  • In-depth Instructions for Preparation of Aircraft and Component Historical Records
  • Forms and Records
  • In-depth Instructions for Preparation of Aircraft Forms and Records, ULLS-A (E) and
  • Aircraft Visual Inspections
  • Corrosion Identification
  • One Hundred Percent Aircraft Inspections

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